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Over 40 Million Letters Processed



If you are tired of purchasing equipment and service contracts just to send out your invoices or informational mailings then Critical Mass has the solution. Allow us to do it for you! We can print on custom forms and envelopes and can interface with most major types of software and file formats.

Hospitals, collection agencies and large corporations all use our services on a daily basis.


NCOA PROCESSING $0.01 ea. with a $50 minimum and a $200 maximum fee.

Many businesses are struggling with the USPS's new Move Update requirement which requires mailers to use some method to update their databases to reflect when their customers move. By using our service you can simply send us your lists and we will run it through the USPS's National Change of Address system for you.

Not only will this allow you to continue mailing at a discounted rate, it will assure that you don't lose track of your customers!


MERGE/PURGE OR DEDUPING Flat $35 fee for up to two files, PLUS $15 for each additional file

Don't spend hours and hours trying to remove duplicates from your lists or trying to perform difficult merge/purge operations between lists. We can de-dupe by address, name or any other field in your database or list. Save money by only mailing once to each address!



PRESORT / CASS $35 per list

You can save 20%-50% off the postage you are paying if you automate and pre-sort your mail to USPS standards. We can show you how!




DATA ENTRY - call for pricing

Let us turn your leads into a searchable database format. We can also design mailings that allow you to scan in pre-printed barcodes so you can know exactly where your responses are coming from and who your target market should be.