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Carrier route lists - $0.01 per address

These are lists of every home on a given route taken by the local mail carrier. These lists are used on the letters you receive that are addressed to "Occupant" or "Resident". This is the most economical list both from the list cost and postage price charged by the USPS.

Carrier route lists with names - $0.015

Same as the regular carrier route lists but with names where available.

Consumer lists - $0.03 and up

These are lists selected by neighborhood, income, age of occupant, age of home, homeownership etc... If you need to target a particular demographic then this is the way to go.

Business lists - $0.05-$0.08

Select businesses by ZIP or SIC codes. SIC codes are a numeric code given to classify businesses by industry. You can click here or call for help in finding the correct code for the businesses you are interested in.

Real Property - $0.035

Real estate lists of every sort are available. Just let us know what you need.

Other list types include:

Bankruptcy - $0.06
Weekly Movers - $0.07
Monthly Movers - $0.05
Pre-movers - $0.20
Weekly New Homeowners - $0.07
Monthly New Homeowners - $0.05
New Borrowers - $0.05
*Credit (Modelled) - $0.10
*Credit (actual score) - $0.015
*subject to applicable laws